You Know You’re a Lyme Mom When…

You can say Borrelia burgdorferi, Bartonella, Babesiosis, and Ehrlichiosis all in the same breath, correctly, and you actually understand what the words mean.

All the pharmacists within a ten mile radius recognize your voice when you call and they have your phone number memorized.

Your medicine shelf has grown into a large medicine cupboard and you still don’t have enough room for everything.

You honestly believe that Gluten is really a four letter word.

You’ve noticed your wardrobe is beginning to take on the hue of an electrified leprechaun.

You don’t even think twice about putting your child in a steaming bath of Epsom salts and hydrogen peroxide at 3 in the morning.

You’ve given docs in the ER a lesson on how to handle a herx.

The one word phrase, “Mom…” can stop you in your tracks.

You cheer for doctors you’ve never met because they’re willing to aggressively treat Lyme disease.

People stop you in public and ask for medical advice…Please remember that I am not a doctor…I just sound like one because I’ve had to do a lot of research to understand what’s going on…I’m happy to share what we’re doing but need you to understand that every case of Lyme is different and what works for us may not work for you or your kids or your neighbor or your even your dog.

You chuckle when someone whines about having to take a couple pills because you’ve counted out over 40 pills to give your child – at one time – on top of the IV’s and shots and the yellow goo they could use to paint roads (a.k.a. Mepron).

Deep down you believe that herxing is good, even though you hate watching your kids suffer.

No one will ever convince you that Lyme disease isn’t a big deal because for you, it’s become your life.


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    Janice said,

    This statement, “The one word phrase, “Mom…” can stop you in your tracks,” has to tug on every Mom’s heart because even if our kids aren’t sick, we’ve imagined it and prayed it would never happen. It also makes me thank God so often that my kids are ornery, running around like crazy, and creating chaos…it means they feel good.

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