Dr. Lori – NOT! Concerned Citizen – You Bet!

Those of you who know me well, know that I hate confrontation.  I avoid it like the plague and would much rather compromise and walk away with everyone even just a little bit happy.  I know that on some level, confrontation is probably a good thing, but hey, who needs the stress?!  Definitely not me, I have more than enough stress for ten people right now!

Controversy is another uncomfortable forum for me, but recently I’ve found myself drowning in it.  I guess I’m not alone because there have to be hundreds of other Lymies and their families out there, publicly telling their stories and sharing information right along with me. 

Why do we share information about Lyme Disease?  It’s certainly not for the money.  For me, it’s because I am frustrated that more hasn’t been done to educate people, including doctors, about this very misunderstood disease.   I don’t tell people Jenna’s story for pity or for vengeance or because she is suffering more than any other Lyme patient.  I don’t give out my opinions because I think I’m qualified to be a doctor — that would make me as guilty as the insurance companies who play doctor when they decide they won’t pay for treatment because their very well paid staff doctor doesn’t think a treatment is necessary.  In fact, the opinions I give are always supported by published protocols and articles of experienced Lyme Literate Medical Doctors.

Regardless of how many hand slaps I get (the most recent from a respected physician who shall remain nameless), I won’t, however, stop telling people to be proactive in their efforts to treat or avoid Lyme disease.  I was recently told of an infant who was taken to the ER to have an embedded tick removed and the doc told them that they shouldn’t be concerned because the tick was not engorged.  The mother asked my opinion and yes, I did heartily recommend insisting on some antibiotics.  The family lives in the #1 state for reported Lyme cases, for goodness sake!  I applaud her for questioning if enough had been done!! 

If someone steps on a nail, would the doc not make sure they had a current tetanus immunization to avoid possible infection?  If you go to the doctor for a sore throat or a spider bite or for a burn, you usually walk out with ten days of antibiotics…just in case. Why is a tick bite so different?  You cannot tell by looking at a tick whether it carries Lyme or Bartonella or Babesia–why wouldn’t you treat it…just in case.  There are differing opinions on how long to treat Lyme with antibiotics.  Me, I’d rather give my child a month of antibiotics to start rather than risk many more months down the road if an infection surfaces.  Lyme is not like any other bacterial infection and it can’t be treated the same way — anyone who has read anything credible about Lyme disease knows this.

So, I guess I’ll start adding small print to any opinions I share…This advice is not provided by a licensed medical professional and is intended for use only by people who care enough about the health of others to research and question diagnoses given by same.


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    Janice said,

    All I can say is, “First, do no harm.” That means that docs better get up-to-speed on this disease because it’s the fastest-growing infectious disease in the U.S. If your doctor is not knowledgeable about it and is not learning fast, then RUN AWAY as fast as you can to a Lyme-literate doctor. There are too many doctors out there who are not willing to listen to their patients, to look at the case studies and supporting research and see that Lyme Disease is complicated not because of the spirochete itself but because 40 years ago, researchers, bureaucrats, doctors and insurance companies all wanted to protect their piece of the pie. This has led to 40 years of disease spread through ticks, co-infection growth, loss of treatment research time, no real progress in meds, late-stage disease, no vaccine, etc. This is as much a man-made disaster as it is an infectious one.

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