The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly — and Go Ahead…Make my Day…

Ever have a day (or couple days) when you think you’re living out a movie title? 

I think I’d have to title my last few days “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.”   So, with apologies to Clint…

The “good” … Jenna started back on IV treatment – good, because after just six weeks off treatment we were starting to notice more and more Lyme symptoms resurfacing.  Good – hearing Jenna and her friends laughing and having fun at an impromptu mid-week get-together.  Good – having a wonderful husband who works hard so that I can stay home and take care of Jenna.  Good – having a son who takes the time to check in every day, not just for me and his dad, but for his sister who adores him (most of the time, anyway, lol).  Good – life is (now I’m beginning to sound like Yoda).

The “bad”?  Watching Jenna have to fight not only the side effects of the antibiotics, but  being battered by the spirochetes and parasites who don’t like the medicine and continue to cause her to suffer even after they die.  Bad – knowing that my sister is also struggling with Lyme treatment while she and her husband are raising two very active little boys and running their own business.  Bad – hearing that another Lyme family is suffering right now too – Hang in there Bird family!  Bad – learning that another family in the area has chosen to hold off on Lyme treatment.  Bad – having the clinic call to ask which credit card you’d like to use to pay the $3600 bill for two weeks of treatment.

The “ugly”…getting a notification from the insurance company that even though you filled out all the paperwork and were approved to see an out-of-network doc, that the additional discounts they are allowed to take mean that a $10K claim will result in less than a $2K reimbursement.  Ugly – having to put down a wonderful family pet who fought so hard for so long, but was losing her battle with Lyme disease.  We miss you, Maggie.  Ugly – watching a disease and its treatment steal Jenna’s precious time away from family and friends.  Ugly – realizing that we, as a community, are at war with Lyme disease and that we don’t have the ammunition or troops or tactical knowledge to go to battle.   

Today, though, I’m not feeling like the good guy from the western that walks off into the desert or the setting sun…I’m feeling a bit more of a Harry Callahan attitude:  “Go ahead, make my day. ”

We will win this Lyme disease battle and we will conquer the Babesia parasites – but it’s going to take all of us.  Many people ask me how they can help — get ready — I’m going to let you know very soon.  Watch FB for phase 1 of our battle plan – and thanks for all of your support.


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  1. 1

    Janice said,

    Waiting and watching…we’re ready. Let’s get it on!

  2. 2

    Suzanne said,

    Let’s DO this! We need all the help we can get…

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