It’s not “What’s in Your Wallet?” – It’s What’s in Your Arsenal That Counts

Despite the rain outside my windows this morning, I’m hoping for another “blue sky day.” That’s the term we’ve adopted from our LLMD for those days when Lyme disease isn’t in charge. I’m still a bit afraid to be too hopeful, because I know from experience just how sneaky this terrible disease can be, but I am.

Jen is beginning to have more “blue sky days” and watching her face light up brings me joy. Seeing her make plans (albeit tentative) thrills me. Even having her argue with me and roll her eyes makes me smile. Because it means that even though she has a long long way to go, she’s winning the war.

Her arsenal these days is a bit more eclectic as this disease has forced us to open our minds and hearts to alternative protocols. I know there are some out there reading this who will think we’ve gone to the dark side, but there are many others asking “What took you so long?” I remember when the term detoxing brought to mind expensive spas with celebrity status…no more. There was a time I would have scoffed at therapies like reiki and rifing…no more. There was also a time when I put my full confidence and trust in mainstream medicine…no more (and this is huge considering my son is pre-med!).

I honestly do believe mainstream medicine saved Jenna’s life. And now, “alternative” medicine is giving it back to her, one day at a time. Essential oils, gluten-free natural foods and supplements, green smoothies, reiki, rifing…we’ll try just about anything. Jen was suffering from daily paralyzing vertigo attacks; since rifing – just one time – she has had only one minor episode in nearly two weeks that responded quickly to medication. Coincidence? I’ve watched her literally float off the table after a reiki session and the feeling of “feeling good” buoys her for days. Mind over matter? Could be. I don’t care if it is or not; it’s working and we’re learning.

Of course, the biggest factor in all of this has been faith. Despite being tested, our faith is deeper and stronger than ever. We know God has gotten us this far and that everything that has happened, good and bad, is because it is in his plan for us, a plan that will unfold when He knows we are ready.

Soon my Lyme Warrior Princess will awake from her slumber and within a fairly short amount of time we’ll know what kind of day is in store. Her arsenal is stocked and her troops ready to rally around her. This war has lasted a long time and many battles have been lost, but Jen will win. And, if the dreary rain this morning means her battle plan calls for lots of naps, I’m ready. We’ll just pray for another “blue sky” day tomorrow, because if there’s one thing we’ve learned over and over and over again, it’s that you have to just take life one day at a time.


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